Swimwear Lovin'

Having booked a spontaneous last-minute holiday to Zante with my friend the other day, I've since been frantically rushing around trying to sort things out - including shopping for holiday attire. Despite not having enough time to order items online *sob*, there are so many gorgeous swimwear pieces on the 'net at the moment which will be mine before my next holiday to Fuerteventura. Below you can see my favourite swimwear items on the high street at the moment, perfect for lounging by the pool or paired with some culottes for evening cocktails.

Swimwear Wishlist

Bikini: Pacha x River Island | Swimsuit: Lipsy London | Bikini: H&M


  1. I love the black, crazy tan lines and all. Also, I've been pretty pleased with H&M's swimwear collection this year as well. Although I still have issues with their fit, they've got so many styles/patterns this season.


  2. I love them all! Yikes for the tan lines (first two) though lol. I am hosting a $100 Visa Gift Card giveaway it is international and ends 6/15. Check it out... http://www.ashleytamarra.com/2015/05/blogging-101-x-giveaway.html#more



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